Sanctuary Deck

Classroom + Sanctuary Deck

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Rate: $600 on Weekdays.$850 on Weekends/Holidays.

Capacity Classroom (50), Sanctuary Deck (20-25)
Barr Education Center (Classroom) is about 20’ by 80’ and is a very special space. This building will be LEED Platinum when we get our Certification processed. This room has restrooms on the back side of the building as well as a water fountain. It is also air-conditioned & cooled by the river. It is really a beautiful space and you must see it in person to truly appreciate it.

The “Sanctuary Deck” in the back of the new “Barr Education Center” is about 20’x20′ it has furniture and 3 small 4-top tables with 4 chairs each. The Sanctuary Deck sits over the water along the river next to the bridge (there is NO jumping from the bridge allowed and if folks do they will be trespassed). Also there is a water fountain and a mens and ladies single stall handicap restroom on the back side of the classroom. This space is special and the deck has a real roof over it too!

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