Every day is Earth Day!

At Wekiva Island, we’re passionate about caring for the environment we live in – the delicate ecosystems, amazing wildlife, beautiful plant life and of course, our planet.

Since sustainability is a key value of Wekiva Island, one of our favorite holidays is Earth Day! This year we celebrated in a big way.

Our team joined the Earthfest activities in the local community and joined their 10 year anniversary to share our mission and educate people about conservation, the environment, and the Wekiva River.  We set up a booth, had fun giveaways including free t-shirts and wildflower seed bombs made with recycled paper. The best part of the day though was talking to the community about our planet and encouraging them to spin the wheel to answer environmental questions to get great prizes. Since we had so much fun educating attendees, we wanted to share a few interesting facts with you!

Test your environmental knowledge

  1. Landfills are among the biggest contributors to soil pollution. What percentage of the items found in landfills could have been recycled? (Answer: 80%)
  2. What percentage does Solar Energy create in pollution? (Answer: 0%)
  3. Millions of people in the world live on less than 3 gallons of water each day. What is the average amount of gallons of water Americans use per day? (Answer: 160 gallons)
  4. A ten-minute shower uses how many gallons of water? (Answer: 50 gallons)
  5. What percentage of all freshwater is readily accessible for human use? (Answer: 1%)

How Wekiva Island shows ? for the earth

Looking at these environmental facts, you might feel a sense of alarm and want to look for ways to improve your carbon footprint, cut down on waste and become overall more eco-conscious. At Wekiva Island, it’s our goal to do all of these things! To help show our love for the environment, we’ve developed processes to keep Mother Earth happy and healthy. Here are just a few of them:

  • We’ve adopted the 2030 Challenge to reduce our carbon footprint
  • There are 146 solar panels used to power the island, 66 onsite and 80 offsite
  • Recycling is always encouraged, look for recycling bins throughout the property
  • To conserve water, we’re utilizing rainwater collection, re-used material, waterless urinals, native landscaping and more

The next time you’re at the island, be sure to keep a look out for all of the eco-friendly systems we have in place. Always remember, every day should be Earth Day. We look forward to enjoying nature with you now, and long into the future!

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    Winter Wonderland is back again, and we’re excited to celebrate the festive season all December long. In addition to our well-loved activities like daily “snow” flurries, the Christmas tree forest and our 24-ft tall tree, and visits from your favorite Christmas characters, Santa is inviting all the good boys and girls for the first time ever to his Workshop, right here at Wekiva Island.

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    Join us for our annual Earth Day celebration this Friday, April 19th all day long! Click to discover all the activities we have in store. 🌎