Wekiva Blooms C³

Community and sustainability have always been woven into the fabric of who we are at Wekiva Island. Now, we’re growing our commitment to both with our new community compost center—Wekiva Blooms C³. In our continual search to minimize our waste and turn it into something good, we’ve partnered with O-Town Compost to compost scraps from Without a Paddle Cafe to keep them out of the landfill and create valuable fertilizer, so more good can grow.

Community Compost Center

What You Can Do

You can make a difference right now. When you visit Wekiva Island, sort your food scraps in our Wekiva Blooms C³ (Community Compost Center), following the guidelines from our partner O-Town Compost. And take the mission home! Purchase your own compost caddy from our General Store and drop off your home food waste every time you stop by the Island. 

Whenever you enjoy a meal from Without A Paddle Cafe, take your leftover food waste to our nearby Community Compost Center. Every time you “pour” your plants, it helps support our local community’s agriculture.

Help reduce your environmental impact in your own home by purchasing a compost caddy from our General Store! You can drop off your food scraps whenever you stop by Wekiva Island at our Community Compost Center. Composting at home allows you to reduce your trash going to the landfill by as much as 50% and supports the City of Orlando’s goal of becoming a zero-waste community by 2040.

O-Town Compost's


O-Town Compost has a two-part mission that aims at both reducing the amount of food waste going to Orange County’s landfill, and making compost to support the local food system.

The average person generates 30+ pounds of waste per week, and 40-50% of that can be composted. Once at the landfill, it produces potent greenhouse gases like methane and takes up precious landfill space.

O-Town Compost uses the community’s food scraps to make compost and return nutrients to the soil. We donate a portion of that finished compost to local farms and community gardens.

Composting our food scraps helps reduce waste going to the landfill, improves soil health, saves money, and supports sustainability!

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    Wekiva Winter Wonderland Santa's Workshop

    Winter Wonderland Has Arrived!

    Winter Wonderland is back again, and we’re excited to celebrate the festive season all December long. In addition to our well-loved activities like daily “snow” flurries, the Christmas tree forest and our 24-ft tall tree, and visits from your favorite Christmas characters, Santa is inviting all the good boys and girls for the first time ever to his Workshop, right here at Wekiva Island.

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    On Thursday, May 23, we will be open to the public until 12 p.m. We will reopen at 5 p.m. for Springs & Strings VIP ticketholders.

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